Thursday, January 9, 2014

Get Answers About Coconut For The Daniel Fast

Fresh grated unsweetened coconut
Fresh grated, unsweetened coconut

My research reveals that some but not all coconut products may be eaten on the Daniel Fast. The 10 day Daniel Fast is described in the Bible's Book of Daniel, chapters 1 and 10.

Open coconut with exotic fruits
Coconut Goes with All Fruits
I learned that Fruits are permitted and coconut is a fruit.   Also "Quality" Oils are permitted… coconut oil is a quality oil just like olive oil.

Coconut Water in Shell with straws
Coconut Water in the original packaging

But I’m on the fence about coconut water and coconut milk. Both are “pleasant” and sweet.  They are also highly nutritious.

Coconut water is just the pure juice from within the coconut seed pod.    There are many  shipwreck survivors' stories and patients' medical accounts of  living only on coconut meat and water for days  and weeks.

It seems that coconut sugar would be completely off-limits.

I’ve read biblical references, but I’m still not sure if some coconut products are OK to eat on the Daniel Fast.   I am not a biblical scholar.

So I will be conferring with my church officials and pastor about eating any of the many different versions of coconut when I do the Daniel Fast.   And I've got to fast, because Jesus says "And when you fast... "  in Matthew 6:16.

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