Monday, December 3, 2012


Open, older coconut fruit
Grate Your Own  Coconut or Buy Bagged Coconut

Here's how to get all the benefits of coconut, fast, in 10 different ways:

  1. Dip coconut flakes from a bag and sprinkle over your hot or cold cereal as sweetener.
  2. Use a coconut oil cooking spray instead of soy based cooking sprays for your dishes.
  3. Quickly stir fry or sauté shrimp or vegetables in coconut oil with a dash of lime juice.
  4. Cut calories by using coconut whipped cream from canned coconut milk .  Whip with a small hand blender and serve over yogurt, ice cream or desserts.
  5. Gulp a shot glass or two of coconut water from a re-closable container.  Refrigerate the leftover to use later.
  6. Do a warm coconut oil scalp massage before shampooing to eliminate winter itch and flaking scalp skin
  7. Use coconut oil as a soap-less cleanser in the morning. Wipe the excess off with a warm, wet facial tissue.
  8. Massage your body with coconut oil before bathing to prevent soap from over-drying  your skin. Save time and only massage areas prone to drying like arms and legs.
  9. Use coconut oil as an overnight hand and lip moisturizer for round-the-clock smoothness throughout the next day.
  10. Use a caprylic acid, coconut oil derivative, spray product to quickly eliminate dry skin on your  feet, elbows or knees year-round.

Pat Thomas for THE COCONUT LOVERS MOJO until next time…

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